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The book is an intro to Adonis Golden Ratio plan, and this gets you to start down on a road to “perfection”. This begins by explaining what “Adonis Golden Ratio Program” is, and detailing how women of various ages and various parts of world can find same body attractive. As per the book, the anthropologists are looking for reason behind the perception of the attraction for many “years”, and it’s the mathematical equation, which governs the attraction law. Mathematical equation is named as Golden Ratio. Golden Ratio is of 1:1.618.

What does it mean? As per the example cited, distance between the head and navel is around 1:1.618 of distance from head to tips of the fingers. Golden Ratio was been used by the architects Le Corbusier and artists Leonardo da Vinci for defining ideal male body. The sculptures were made according to the measurements, and it’s the measurements that the women find very attractive. Purpose of Adonis Golden Ratio is helping you to achieve “perfect” ratio of the broad shoulders, tight waist, defined chest, and highly defined leg and arm muscles.

Book list some benefits to be attractive (shallow concept), including:

  1. Being happier
  2. Easier time to get the job
  3. People’s perception changes
  4. Attracting women

Three Adonis Nutrition Programs

This book lists 3 different programs that are used in Adonis Golden Ratio:

Burn —Focus of the program is to burn out fat to extreme and helping those who are overweight and want to lose weight & getting in the good shape.

Burn and Build — For people who want to tighten up the muscles as well as get rid of last some pounds of fat, it is an option for them. The lean muscle can be built, and the maximum fat is been burned.

Build ––The program focuses on people who want to pack on pounds of the muscles, hard gainers. It aims in promoting high calorie diet as well as fitness program, which builds the muscle mass. Next section of book helps you to calculate what the body ratio is, and which program you’re supposed to use. It is where the things get very complicated.

Firstly, you make use of equation given in a book that will help you to figure out what the current waist and shoulder ratio is. After that, you can look through charts and see which 3 programs you can use. You need to find the waist ratio on 3 charts, matching the height.

When you find the place on a chart, you need to select the right program as per your height. All these three programs generally come with 3 options, and each for different height class.

  1. First Option is for people between 5′ 7″
  2. Second Option is for people between 5′ 8″ to 6′
  3. Third Option is for people taller than 6′ 1″

I know this will take you some minutes of the careful reading in order to check out what program you belong at.

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